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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long has GOOD® Automatic Windlass, Inc. been in business?

Answer: GOOD® Automatic Windlass, Inc. has over 50 years of marine manufacturing experience and are the pioneers in the design of the original, automatic, free-drop anchor windlass for the pleasure boat industry.


Q. What materials are the windlasses made of?

Answer: GOOD® Automatic windlasses are made of a durable, aluminum magnesium alloy, stainless steel, bronze, and Delrin which are well suited for the harsh marine environment.


Q. How do you operate a Good free-fall windlasses?

Answer: A simple flip of the switch is all that is required to raise or lower the anchor when your boat is equipped with a Good® Automatic Windlass. Controlled from the bridge or other remote station, the windlass allows you to raise and lower the anchor without ever leaving your controls.The anchor rode is automatically stowed in the storage locker without any physical handling, cleating or tailing.


Q. How do I pick the right windlass for my boat?

Answer: Picking the right windlass for your boat depends upon what you want out of the windlass. Obviously you want the windlass to pick up the anchor and drop it into the water, hands free. All GOOD® windlasses will do that for you.

Picking the windlass that is right for your boat depends upon the size of the boat and the displacement of the boat. First you need to decide if you want a rope/chain combination windlass or a rope only anchor windlass, this is strictly a preference. Most people like the idea of a chain lead because it helps extend the anchor shank and hold the anchor in the bottom.

Once the rope or rope/chain model type has been determined, the windlasses are categorized by boat size. For boats up to 34′, use the models that have the letter “A” in the item #. ie: F850A or AFD. For boats 35′ to 50′ use the models that have the letter “C” in the item #. ie: 800C or CFDM. This will ensure that you have selected the proper windlass for your boat.


Q. My boat is 32′, the F850C model is only a few dollars more, bigger is better. Right?

Answer: Keep in mind that bigger is not always better. It is not necessarily better to buy the bigger unit just because it is only a few dollars more. The rope locker storage area is the critical area which determines the amount of line storage, this is the factor that comes into play when selecting the A or C model type. The F850A models use 1/2″ line and that takes up a lot less room in the rope locker that the larger diameter rope that is used in the F850C model which uses 9/16″ line.


Q. How much space do I need to store the amount of line I want?

Answer: Use this chart to determine the depth required in the locker for proper storage.


(directly below windlass)


Length x Depth

1/2″ x 200′

15″ x 17″

1/2″ x 300′

15″ x 24″

1/2″ x 600′

24″ x 36″

9/16″ x 200′

15″ x 24″

9/16″ x 300′

16″ x 34″

9/16″ x 600′

24″ x 48″

5/8″ x 200′

15″ x 24″

5/8″ x 300′

16″ x 34″

5/8″ x 600′

24″ x 48″

Q. Where do I measure to determine the depth of my rope locker?

Answer: Directly beneath the windlass location on deck. See illustration below.

Q. How do I contact GOOD?

Answer:If you have any questions with any of our products or programs please feel free to contact us here.

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