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CFD/R – Remanufactured 5/8″ Free-Drop Rope Windlass (boats to 42′)


GOOD® AUTOMATIC WINDLASS is now stocking FACTORY REMANUFACTURED ANCHOR WINDLASSES. These windlasses have been thoroughly refurbished and have a brand new electric motor, rope sprocket, gear assemblies with all new bearings and seals. The windlass housings and gear boxes are in excellent condition and the remanufactured windlasses carry a full 1 year warranty. They include a new deck gasket and stainless steel deck mounting hardware. If you are buying a remanufactured windlass for a new application, an installation kit will be required. We also recommend a new anchor line kit to complete the installation. The remanufactured anchor windlasses will offer you years of trouble free operation for your boat.

CFD REMANUFACTURED model windlasses are a completely automatic, free-drop rope anchor windlasses with an integral mooring bit. They retrieve line smoothly and trouble free at 65 fpm. Automatic, free-wheeling anchor windlasses provide the quickest way to the sea floor and to safe anchorage. They are available with a 12VDC 2 pole series wound motor system. 1 year warranty.


Does your existing GOOD Rope Anchor windlass on your boat need service?
Exchange it with a factory remanufactured windlass!
Remanufactured windlasses have new internal parts, new electric motor, deck gasket & mounting hardware.
Here’s how it works.

  • Order a remanufactured windlass.
  • Good will ship it to you.
  • Remove your old windlass.
  • Install the remanufactured windlass on your boat’s deck.
  • Put the old windlass in same packaging, use provided return shipping label and send back to Good.
  • Upon receipt of your core, Good will apply a $150 core credit to your payment credit card.
  • It is recommended to replace old anchor line at the same time to insure proper operation.